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Being in the country of Indonesia for some purpose such as work, vacation or education requires foreigners to adapt all the things around them. They realized that the culture they used to live would certainly be very different with Indonesian culture, so there were a lot of things they had to learn in order to establish good relations with the local people. Of course the most important thing in this case is communication. Through a good communication, the relationships that are established among them will also run well.

Language is the main thing to make communication better. Most foreigners in Indonesia use English for having communication with local residents. Unfortunately, not all Indonesians are able to use English as a communication tool. To overcome this, foreigners need to learn Indonesian language to avoid misunderstandings when talking to people around them.

Learning Indonesian Language is not difficult if the foreigners learn and practice the use of sentences that have been learned in the daily life. But some of them find that  is difficult to learn Indonesian language because of the busy activities that occurs every day. It makes them find difficulty to join Indonesian language classes at a course institution. Not to mention the difficulty in reaching the location of the course, especially foreigners who live in the Jakarta and surrounding areas because those cities are famous for the traffic jam.

Those matters will make them feel lazy to join the Indonesia lesson. Sometimes deciding to learn the language by self-taught is a pretty good way, but many things for example language cultures are used by Indonesian people everyday that cannot be learned on their own. For foreigners, it needs to be guided by an experienced teacher so that they are easier to understand how to communicate using Indonesian language in their daily lives. Indo Les provides some programs for Learning Indonesian Languge in Jakarta for foreign people which will make it easier to communicate by using this language.



Why Indoles?

Choosing Indo Les for joining the Indonesian language private course program is the right decision. This is because Indo Les is a private course for some language especially Indonesian language learning institution for both group and individual. The foreigner who are clients of Indoles are the professional workers from various countries living in Indonesia and working in foreign also local companies in various major cities in Indonesia.

Indo Les have some branches in several regions such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, Semarang and so on. That is why most foreigner join the program of Learning Indonesian Language in Jakarta from Indo Les.

Leaning Indonesian language privately for foreigners in Jakarta area, is the most appropriate way for them.

What is the reason for foreigners need to learn by private program?

  1. Time

Difficult to arrange the time according to the lesson schedule at the place of the course. This is a major obstacle for foreigners cannot learn Indonesian language, because they think learning at the course will not be conducive. They will certainly often be absent from the course because there are always sudden work from office that makes them missing the lesson and not focus on understanding the lesson.

  1. Congestion

Traffic has become a daily problem of the capital cities that are located in Jakarta and srrounding area  such as Tangerang, Bogor, Bekasi, and Depok. This is one of the main obstacles for foreigners to study at the course place. The time they use to learn will be more used on the road because of the unpredictable traffic conditions every day. They will feel more tired after work because of the time they spend on the road.

This is a major obstacle for foreigners to study at the course.  Because of that case,  Learning Indonesian Language in Jakarta will be more effective if doing it in private class. In order to provide foreigners with comfort, Indo Les give the best teacher who could be a friend for learning Indonesian language after the busy activities.

Learning Indonesian Language in Jakarta  through program of Indo Les will provide students various knowledge about the right way to communicate and what kinds of words also exoression are commonly used in daily life. Most people know that Indonesian people rarely use language that is in accordance with the rules of the Indonesian language because it looks like very formal. For this reason, foreigners will be given information about the different of formal and non-formal languages ​​in communicating using Indonesian language everyday.

The language culture is very important to understand because it will decrease misunderstanding amd the gap among foreigners and local people

Foreigners will feel comfortable when learning Indonesian by joining private program because schedules and places can be more flexible. If they feel comfortable studying at home, then our teacher will be ready to teach in the foreigner’s houses according to their free time. Don’t wait for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, you can apply immediately to take part in Indonesian language education and training with Indo Les Private. Through Indo Les, thw foreign people will be easier to achieve their targets and goals to be able speaking in using Indonesian language and have good relationship with the people around.

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